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The Perfect Menu for a Family Valentine’s Dinner


This is the perfect home-cooked family Valentine’s dinner menu! Pan-seared steaks with mushrooms, steamed lemon garlic artichoke, roasted red potatoes, cucumber avocado tomato salad, honey cornbread, and chocolate covered strawberry cake for dessert! I even have a special Valentine’s Day breakfast planned for you!

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with the family! Kids often love the day just as much as adults do. This this already-planned-out and easy-to-prepare Valentine’s menu you’ll have much less to worry about and can spend your time and energy making the day special in other ways!

All these delicious recipes in this dinner menu are allergy-friendly! Eating out at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion is tricky for those with a food allergy or gluten intolerance. Is your gluten-free pasta going to be contaminated by the pasta cooking water? Do they use peanut oil in the kitchen?

Eating out can cause a lot of anxiety for food allergy families. After my oldest son was diagnosed with food allergies after his first birthday my family hardly ever went out to restaurants. It was much easier to cook at home where I knew everything was going to be safe.

This family Valentine’s dinner is free from:

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Soy
  • Sesame

The breakfast and dinner recipes do contain coconut – which contrary to popular belief is not actually a tree nut. Many people with tree nut allergies can safely eat coconut. However, I’ve included alternatives to both that are coconut free just in case that’s not you!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Chocolate Chip Scones: Chocolate chip scones make an extra special Valentine’s Day breakfast. Crispy corners and a tender, flaky interior are sure to please. This recipe does contain coconut cream. Can’t eat coconuts? Make these bakery style chocolate chip muffins instead!

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Day Breakfast | Allergy a la Mode

Breakfast Banana Splits: Sweet bananas topped with dairy-free yogurt, juicy berries and homemade strawberry sauce is a wining breakfast choice for both kids and adults!

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Breakfast | Allergy a la Mode

Family Valentine’s Dinner Menu

Pan-seared Steaks with Mushrooms: Juicy steaks are a family Valentine’s dinner classic – and for good reason! These delicious garlic-herb steaks are perfectly juicy and tender – making them a great choice for Valentine’s Day! Plus they’re cooked right on the stove top for extra ease.

Get the recipe here.

Valentine's Day Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

Roasted and Seasoned Red Potatoes: Roasted potatoes are one of my favorite side dishes! These tasty roasted and seasoned red potatoes are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And the herb flavor? Sooo good! I love these potatoes for dinner.

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

Steamed Artichoke: Steamed artichoke elevates any meal to fancy and extra-special! Don’t be intimidated if you have never steamed an artichoke before. This easy method for cooking artichokes won’t let you down. This how-to recipe is complete with a delicious lemon garlic butter dipping sauce.

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

Cucumber Avocado Tomato Salad: This salad is sooo yummy and is one of the most popular recipes on my blog! Cucumber avocado and tomato salad is one of my favorite salads! It’s the perfect side dish for a weeknight meal or an elaborate dinner for special occasions. If you have never tried a cucumber avocado tomato salad then you are truly missing out – crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, and creamy avocados drizzled with a light lemon vinaigrette.

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

Honey Cornbread: Cornbread or corn muffins is a great addition to any steak dinner – especially for those that can’t eat gluten filled dinner rolls or bread. This honey cornbread is soft and sweet with a golden crust and a fluffy, tender interior. It’s quick and easy and is something that the whole family can help make!

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

Family Valentine’s Dinner Dessert

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake: This is the most elegant and decadent chocolate cake you’ll ever eat. No one will even know it’s gluten-free and vegan. Tender chocolate cake layers, sweet strawberry compote, vegan chocolate ganache, and piles and piles of coconut whipped cream all topped with vegan chocolate covered strawberries. If you can’t eat coconut whipped cream you could omit it and double the amount of strawberry compote. Alternatively you can simply serve the chocolate covered strawberries by themselves. Or make this delicious apple pie.

Get the recipe here.

Family Valentine's Dinner | Allergy a la Mode

What to Serve for Drinks

Here are some fun family-friendly Valentine’s Day drinks that would go perfectly with this meal:

  • Lemon and cucumber water
  • Lemonade
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Sparkling cider

Or check out this post of fun kid-friendly mocktail recipes from Fun Money Mom.


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