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Nice to meet you!  I’m Hannah and Allergy a la Mode is my own little journal of a cookbook – filled with allergy friendly recipes of my own creation. I started this blog to share all the delicious recipes I learned to make to feed my son who, at the age of one, developed several food allergies. I have loved cooking my entire life and have a passion for feeding my loved ones delicious, satisfying food.

I grew up in rural Iowa and even though I currently live in Los Angeles, California, I am still very much a small town girl at heart. My husband, Danny, and I have three boys – ages 7, 4, and 1 year. We have 8 chickens and a nice, white chicken coop, because I love to pretend I live on a farm. We are currently planting a small grove of fruit trees and a large garden that will most definitely have a row or two of corn on the cob!

When I’m not cooking or running after my kids or chickens, I love weight lifting, pilates, chocolate chip cookies, and reading everything from Anne of Green Gables novels to cultural anthropology books (find me, Allergyalamode, on Goodreads!) I also love crafting when I can squeeze in the time. My most favorite way to spend my time is playing in the sunny outdoors with my kiddos.

Meet the Boy That Started It All

Meet the boy that started it all. Shortly after his first birthday, I made my son a typical every day lunch – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread, cut up fruit, and soft cooked veggies. A few minutes later I noticed he was turning red and breaking out in hives all over his small face and body. I rushed him to the doctor where they tested him for food allergies. They called me back a couple days later and asked me to bring him in. They told me he had several food allergies, armed me with an EpiPen, and sent me on my way. I was overwhelmed and had no idea what I was supposed to do. But he was counting on me so I got to work. He often sat on the counter wearing a toddler size apron while I ground oats into flour, learned how to make a flax egg, and figured out what worked and what didn’t. A lot did work, a lot didn’t, but we figured it out together.

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